my breakfast :d my frozen tea after blend with ice look little bir weird :d

Today busy day.. My friend is moving out to Argentina for 1 year today – i will be at airport and driving license lesson… I will back
to home at 9 pm…


Hope dawned on the horizon

After i wrote first note i thought about this blog, about remove this blog but reactions from You was very motivating!

Today I was in Cracow. I visited my psychologist cus i have trouble with my ex-boyfriend. He finished contact with me about three weeks ago. He wrote to me sth like that – ” i just don’t like you”. I was blown away. We have been together for month and week – i know, it’s short time but for me it’s enough to be hooked on him :p

Since we’ve finished contact i was deeply depressed but now it’s better. After few drinks i was crying for 30 minutes with my friends. I think – crying is the way for keep up with this “problem”.
It’s still difficult for me because my ex is my neighbor…

But today i striked up a friendship with boy. He is 22 and i think he is senisitive but in good level ( haha i don’t know hot to write it!), we will meet together this friday or sunday :d i think he will be good friend for me 😉 I won’t look for boyfriend now… Cus of me ex and i will move out from Poland to US next summer 😉

For today is enough :d once again – i’m sorry for my english and thank You for comments. I will take some photos tommorow. It’s a little boring here :d

First note! Welcome

Hello world! This is my first note in English 😉 please, be forbearance for me. English is my second language and i can’t write English as good as i want to. This blog is one of many opportunities to improve my English xD

My name is John and i am 18 years old. I’m a gay – i really don’t know why I put an emphasis on my orientation – cus sometimes i need talk with someone else about this – someone from other country, other culture and.. for me – it’s amazing experience!!:d

I will write about… I don’t know exactly – may be about my feelings, experience with boys ( not sexual!!), friends and life in Poland and with polish people.

Have a nice evening! I will write soon ;d